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No Preservatives

With roots dating back to India around 2400 BC, people have been preseving foods with pH adjustments for a LONG time.

You don't need more than great ingredients and a time tested process to produce a tasty shelf stable product, but, lab testing and approved / inspected production facilities help too of course ;)

Real process and attention to detail

If we say it's "roasted", we roast it. If we say it's "smoked", we natually and time consumingly smoke it.

We sweat the small stuff and carefully craft each sauce to deliver a headbutt full of flavour!

Some of the WORLDS hottest peppers

We've prided oursevles on using some of the worlds hottest peppers in a way that's balanced and approachable...MOST of the time anyway.

Only REAL ingredients

At Ginger Goat we only use whole ingredients and things you can actually pronounce!

No thickeners or stabilizers

Some products use fillers and other chemicals or proccesses to make their sauces full or thick.

Not us though! There are no thickeners or fillers in any of our sauces and we plan to keep it that way...even if that means you gotta give the bottle a little shake every now and again.

One of our favorites. The ginger hit makes this fresh and flavorful, just enough heat to keep it interesting and versatile.

Hans B. - Harvest Heat Fan

My husband and I tried this sauce after reading the ingredients; it sounded interesting. We haven’t had the sauce for a month yet and we’re already going to have to purchase another bottle. Seriously one of our favorite sauces now. It’s a great combination of sweet and heat. Goes on everything!

Madeleine B. - Serious about Peaches N Scream

My whole family loves this sauce. It's perfectly spicy and oh so flavourful.

Crystal M. - OG Fan

I love the flavor of this sauce! Using just a small amount on chicken is so perfect. The flavor isn’t hampered by the kick you get after from the peppers. It just makes the sauce so good!

Jade H. - The OG Fan!

One of the greatest I’ve ever had. The combo of ginger and pineapple makes it super tropical tasting and sweet. The heat level is such that you can slather it on. It brings the heat, but not so much that you can’t keep slathering it on. Def a staple in my cabinet.

Michael K. - Slathers the OG

Love the first taste that is the sweetness of peaches… but then BAM you get reminded that scorpion peppers are hot. It’s a fun, spicey combination of flavors that is great on chicken for sure.

Tyler C. - Peaches N Scream Fan

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