About Us

Get to know the Goat!

Our Spicy Journey

Ginger Goat was born out of a passion for spicy things with flavour.

Founded in February 2021, it didn't take long for people to notice our sauce as we joined the famed lineup on the hit show Hot Ones just 3 months later.

With our headquarters in Waterloo Region, ON, Canada, our products are all natural, free othe thickeners, preservatives and excess salts. We believe in creating products with flavour above all...even if it still burns!

Even though we've grown quickly, our commitment to the craft will never change. Small batch mentaility and our sttention to detail mean it doesn't get our "heatbutt of approval" until its right and we happen to think your tastebuds will appreciate that.

We believe so much in our duty to please your senses, that we've made it our brand promise! If it doesnt have heat or flavour and we're not having fun...it just isn't Ginger Goat!

We've also adopted what we call the Goat Mentaility, which are our values:

Gratitude - appreciate your team, our vendors and our customers. They don’t have to work with us, but they do, and that’s super rad!

Open and Optimistic - hear people out, assume they mean the best; be open to hearing new ideas and feedback, and be open to sharing new ideas and feedback.

Acceptance - everyone has a story, a set of experiences that forms their world view. Accept everyone as they are regardless of race, religion, cultural beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.

Teamwork - Have each other's backs. Period.

Cool things with Cool People!